KWIG Qt->Gtk porting layer and merging main loops.

David Faure dfaure at
Fri Oct 29 22:45:19 EEST 2004

On Friday 29 October 2004 21:40, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
> > It seems silly to argue against glib because it is
> > written in C...
> > 
> > Kent
> I dont think people argue against glib because it is
> written in c. Maybe someone who hates it can explain
> why 

Or maybe not. We don't need to have the same discussions every 2 months.
How about you read the archives, and we stop this thread here?

I really wish we'd be concentrating on writing specs here, instead of always
coming up with "let's merge the world" threads that lead nowhere.

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