KWIG Qt->Gtk porting layer and merging main loops

Tim Ringenbach omarvo at
Sat Oct 30 23:15:12 EEST 2004

I think maybe you lost your focus in here somewhere. How did a 
discussion on common main loops turn into a discussion on fd_glib?

What you wanted was a common main loop, correct?
What benefit would that gain the projects who must be modified to 
acomidate this?  What are the cons?
Why can't the desired outcome be achived by another method? Isn't 
integrating QT and glib's main loops trivial already? Aren't there 
projects that already do this fine? Besides this projects, which 
generally are the expection, would there be any benefit for the rest of 
the world? Are you sure this isn't a feature looking for a problem to 
solve, instead of a problem looking for a solution?

Have you spoken to the author(s) and maintainer(s) of glib's main loop? 
Do you even know who they are? (I don't.) What about QT? What are their 
opinions on this?

While i've never undertaken something like this, I would think the best 
course of action would be:

1. Talk to each person in charge of each piece of code in question via 
email, a list, irc, etc., and find out what they would consider acceptable.
2. Broker a compromise between each idea of acceptable. This compromise 
might be something that could be written into a xdg spec.
3. Write a patch for each project which implements this compromise.
4. Get your patches accepted by each project.

Note that arguing in circles on the merits of merging glib into QT in 
the xdg list isn't on the list, and thus isn't getting you closer to 
your goal.


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