Introduction and toolkit abstraction

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Wed Sep 1 02:50:34 EEST 2004

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Jono Bacon wrote:

> As an idealist, it seems to me that the ideal scenario for a developer
> is that their software should be written in any language/toolkit of
> their choosing and that application will integrate seamlessly with the
> user's desktop. Likewise, the user should be able to take any
> application and have it integrate with the desktop of their choosing. I
> see no point in necessarily having to give hackers the opportunity to
> use GTK widgets in KDE applications and vice versa, but common features
> that differ across toolkits would make sense to abstract out and
> contextualise.

I'd like that idea too. It sure would make it easier for developers to
later choose to support a different toolkit.

I'd like to have a BSD-licensed toolkit that is as good as GTK or Qt, but
a major obstable is having to recode applications to use it. So it would
be nice to have your common interface.

One problem is uncommon features. What would you do about them?

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