Introduction and toolkit abstraction

Philippe Fremy phil at
Wed Sep 1 14:31:09 EEST 2004

> First, I do *not* think ther is much point in making gtk/gnome apps us
> qt/kde dialogs and the other way around. 

> Let gnome apps be gnome apps, 
> and kde apps be kde apps. 

And let linux apps be a complete mess for the user, let the user be 
confused, ...

> But I realy hope for toolkit abstraktion in allot of apps. wxWidgets is

Toolkit abstraction is a dead end. It requires a _lot_ of work just to get 
started, with no immediate benefit and you lose all the power of using a 
specific toolkit. Toolkits move very fast so you are always going to be one 
year behind the most useful version of the toolkit. The result is just not 
worth the amount of effort.

> developers job to choce the toolkit abstraktion tool, and the users job
> to chose widgetset/envirionment.

Indeed. As a user, I choose KDE. Why do I get this strange file dialog when 
use app X. Oh, its gimp you know, it is different. And then again with 
gnome meeting. And then again with Open Office. And then again with 

> I belewe XUL pointing the way for god toolkit abstraktion.

XUL is certainly a good solution for the developers willing to code in XUL. 
Now, what about all the applications that are _not_ coded with XUL.

What is proposed is for these existing applications (KDevelop, Gnome 
Meeting, OpenOffice, Mozilla, Evolution, Quanta, ...) to look consistent to 
the user.

I think we can achieve that in less that one year and it would benefit every 
KDE and Gnome application available. 

> In the end,  it might be a good thing if freedesktop could be the place to 
> XML-format, core widgets, dom-api/abi standards. Probably both kde/gt
> and gnome/gtk need costom textwidgets, treewidgets etc to be built, that

Your plan is to force the developer without solving the existing problem of 
all the good applications available. There are plenty of good reasons to 
develop only for KDE or only for Gnome (from a developer point of view) and 
not in XUL.



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