remove old project, establish new project

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Wed Sep 1 17:52:11 EEST 2004

Early this year I created the ChIX project in creating a input platform 
for X. Later the scim project (another project hosted on acheived much of the goal I wished to acheive early 
that time, and the development force of ChIX is not going on now, so I 
decide to remove this project. I directly went to the software page and 
removed that project.

And by the time now I am working with Arne Götje, a nice German guy 
living in taiwan, maintaining/expending two font sets (CJK-Unifonts) for 
CJK users. And as far as both of us know, the fonts we are working on is 
the only opensource fontset which contains both Simplified Chinese, 
Traditional Chinese and some Japanese. I hope this new project of us 
could settle down on

The fontset is originally created and released by tainwan font foundry 
'arphic' under a license simliar to GPL but only preserve old BSD style 
copyright notice on the document (not the screen/output). These fonts 
exist as opensource fonts for many years, no one was maintaining it 
until us (mainly Arne Goetje) expended the fonts currently the largest 
coverage CJK font in unicode. So this is a growing project, not a new 
one. Originally this project is at debian: I hope hosting the 
project on freedesktop would attract more developers than a single 
distro, and I am looking forward to corporate more closely with many 
other X desktop application project teams, that why we decide to ask to 
settle down on freedesktop.

We need wiki site and possible php/mysql homepage hosting (this is not a 
problem, we can do it ourselvs if freedesktop does not have). And we 
hope we could be allowed to settle down as soon as possible because we 
are going to release new version very soon, along with a brief guide of 
how to organize different people into create glyphs using opensource 
font creation tools.

Thank you.

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