Location of home trash dir (Re: Trash spec 0.2, technical questions)

David Faure dfaure at trolltech.com
Wed Sep 1 18:12:32 EEST 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 17:01, Claes Holmerson wrote:
> Would it not make sense to define the trash directory relative to
> $XDG_CACHE_HOME? Trash, as well as cached data, is something you normally
> don't want to back up, and it is also something you might want to remove
> when lacking space
Yes but you wouldn't want an automated program to remove it without you
explicitely asking for it. Unlike real "cache" data, there's no way to recreate
the contents of the Trash can after wiping it out.

> as well as to clean up your "history" for privacy 
> reasons and similar. I think it makes sense to put such things below a
> common base directory.
I'm not strictly opposed, but I'm just not sure this would be correct. Application's
"throwable" data and user's "throwable" data are rather different things.

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