Introduction and toolkit abstraction

Christian Loose christian.loose at
Wed Sep 1 20:12:27 EEST 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 01:37, Jono Bacon wrote:
> Anyway, one of the key areas that I have an interest in is some form of
> toolkit abstraction. I am sure this has been discussed many times
> before, but bear with me while I outline some of the things running
> around my head at the moment. To me, it seems we have a problem with how
> the desktop is archtected and how it is perceived by users. As an
> example, when I fire up the GIMP, the software pays no real attention to
> which desktop it is running in. Sure, if running in GNOME, it will honor
> some theme support, but in terms of pure functionality, the software
> functions largely the same in whatever desktop is being used. What do I
> mean by functionality? A key example are dialog boxes. When I am in KDE
> it would make sense if the KDE file dialogs are used as opposed to the
> GTK dialogs. KDE will behave in particular ways with regards to opening
> and saving files, making resources available etc., and this standard
> part of KDE should be honored in applications that run inside the
> desktop. This would apply in the same context in GNOME - the file
> open/save dialog in Quanta should be a GTK dialog box.

You might want to take a look at the QtGTK library by Zack Rusin. It allows 
GTK+/GNOME applications to use KDE dialogs:


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