Trash specification, version 0.1

Lars Hallberg spam at
Fri Sep 3 10:01:21 EEST 2004

Alexander Larsson wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-09-02 at 15:36 +0400, mr at wrote:
>>>>I have somewhat lost track of th eother-partitions issue. Is the
>>>>on administrator-created $topdir/.Trash , and $uid directories within
>>>Yes, and if that doesn't exist, the app can try using/creating a global
>>>$topdir/.Trash-$uid directory.
>>I'm not sure this is a good idea. A trash listing app would have to search
>>every top dir for BOTH .Trash/$uid and .Trash-$uid.
>Yes? What is the problem?
>>I would say, there should be an admin-created $topdir/.Trash, and if it's
>>not there, trashing is done by copying to $HOME. And implementations *may*
>>include some form of auto-cteation of .Trash (would be a nice improvement
>>for removable devices).
>Did you follow the discussion about why this is bad?
I can argue for $topdir/.Trash from a sysadm point of view.

1) Estetic, one .Trash in $topdir looks nicer then maybe hundreds of 

2) Easier to controll trash rights:

a) I can creat $topdir/.Trash only root writable and add dirs only for 
the user I want to be able to trash.

b) I can make $topdir/.Trash group writable to make that group able to 
trash (and can still add dirs for other users manually).

c) I can make $topdir/ world writable to give everyone the right to trash.

I belive the consensus was private trash? Is the problem addressed wher 
a user is allowed to delete a file, but migt be prevented because 
another user have trashed it? Full partitions is a regular real time 
problem, wher bigger and cheeper disks dont seam to help :-/

However, auto cleaning trash might be good enuf. But I seen argues 
against that (and I can see the point). But autoclean could be 
implementated pretty nice, by a deamon, or probably even better, hook in 
to the filesystem, cleen on disk full and transparent continue. 
Autoclean should clean files that ben longest in the trash first (FIFO) 
and as good as posably, not mor then enuff!

I think the standard *have* to *alowe* autocleaning, but on the other 
hand - If a user use implementation foo, that never autoclean, then try 
implementaton bar that do, they might be verry uppset coming back to foo 
and fine ther trash cleaned :-/

So, a standard user seting, prevent autoclean, shuld be defined that all 
impementation *must* honor.

And a system seting, whether to alow users to prevent autoclen is also 
needed, and *must* be honourd by alla implementation. This could be nice 
to set for each partision, but that will complicate stuff (ui wise not 
the least) :-/ One setting for the home partision, and one seting for 
the rest is probably enuf!

One implementation detail, I do expect, if I drag files to the trachcan, 
they are trached in my ~/.trash, regardless of what partision or media 
they on from the start!


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