The Polypaudio sound server

Lennart Poettering mzkqt at
Thu Sep 9 15:14:10 EEST 2004


I am currently working on the polypaudio sound server. It is a modern
drop-in replacement for esound. I am trying to push it into the next
releases of both Gnome (2.10? 3.0?) and KDE, since both environments
are currently looking for a suitable replacement for esound
resp. arts. A common sound server would be a great asset.

Polypaudio is a sound server, not a streaming system. It competes with
esound and arts, not with gstreamer. However, in crontrast to arts it
doesn't do synthesizing or filtering, it mixes sounds, and that very
well with small latencies. It is kind of an "esound done right".

For more information about polypaudio's feature set, have a look on

Currently, polypaudio is widely unknown. In order to change that I
would like to make it an official project. Please tell
me what is required for this to happen!

I am interested in your opinions on Polypaudio, and especially its
client API:

What are the features required for a common sound daemon for all Linux
desktop environments?

Thank you for your time,

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