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Alexander Larsson alexl at
Thu Sep 9 17:10:21 EEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-09 at 17:36 +0400, mr at wrote:
> > So, what if I run in the utf8 locale, but have an old file with an
> > iso-8859-1 encoded filename? Or I somehow got a file with a kio8-r
> > filename from some tarball i unpacked? Given just a filename on the
> > filesystem to trash, how am I supposed to know what encoding to put in
> > the Encoding field?
> As an aside, thanks for mentioning my home encoding, but it's actually
> koi-8r , not kio :) kioslaves have nothing to do with Cyrillic ;)
> As for knowing the encoding... might be not too easy indeed, but I'm not
> sure what to do. Using the "raw" name might break things on network
> shares, which may do translation for some clients (and not for others).

Then you're hosed. :(

This whole filename encoding thing is a gigant pain in the ass as
always. I look forward to the day when everyone uses utf8 filenames and
we can all look back at this and laugh.

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