Trash spec 0.4

Lars Hallberg spam at
Fri Sep 10 02:44:12 EEST 2004

David Faure wrote:

>>Perhaps it's best to say that when restoring a file, it may only ever be
>>restored to the exact same device the trash is on?  Following symlinks
>>is OK so long as they are not followed off the device.
>Indeed (can be done by comparing st_rdev of source file and destination directory I guess)
I'm a stupid user, I trash ~/mpg/foo.mpg, then i found my ~ full, move 
~/mpg/* to another partision and symlink it from ~

Will be suprised and upset if I cant undelete foo.mpg :-(

OK, if it can't be restored to its original location, thats OK, but I 
sure want a save dialog or something - being able to untrash trash is a 
critical operation for the users trust in the desktop!


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