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Kenneth Wimer wimer at
Sat Sep 11 01:48:39 EEST 2004

* Frans Englich <frans.englich at> [Sep 11. 2004 00:26]:
> On Friday 10 September 2004 07:22, ???????????????? ?????????????????? wrote:
> Slightly related is "pseudo icons" which  I proposed on this list a couple of 
> months ago. Food for thought:

I think that this kind of thing undermines the whole point behind the
effort, actually. I think that one should start at the points that are
easily fixable and definable and then work forward. I admit that there
will always be a large difference in the needs between desktops but some
tihngs (many!) can be written down in stone now, so that we can move

Don't forget that there is a difference between specifacation and

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