alias and subclass information in the reference mime implementation

Alexander Larsson alexl at
Tue Sep 14 09:53:09 EEST 2004

On Sun, 2004-09-12 at 23:29 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> I think the reference implementation for the shared-mime-info spec
> should include support for the alias and subclass information. 
> The patch attached to
> id=1348 adds functions to xdgmime which allow to find out whether two
> mime types are the same or subclasses of each other. 
> In order to effectively read the alias and subclass information, 
> update-mime-database should write cache files containing this
> information as extracted from the .xml sources, like it does for 
> magic and glob information already. A patch to do that is attached to

YAY for matthias! The alias mapping table in particular is badly missed
for some gnome-vfs functionallity.

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