Desktop Notifications Spec 0.3

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Thu Sep 16 15:40:34 EEST 2004

> I have myself worked on a basic KDE deamon.  It simply uses KPassivePopup, 
> And it is actualy (temporary) using DCop insteads of DBus (that's faster and 
> easier to code)

OK. You might want to wait and use the code in the reference 
implementation, as that is written in C++ and has all the DBUS related 
code already written.

You can see an old version here:

main.cpp is where the DBUS code is mostly, though be warned: it has 
changed *significantly* since then. The new code is more modular, and 
uses exceptions rather than macros to do error handling.

> Mine too, it support all what KPassivePopup support (image, summary, body)
> the QT markup (include <b> <u> <i> and even more, i'm not sure about links)
> and action with links, like Kopete.


> It does not support images list, urgency levels, doesn't uses app name/icon 
> neither.  And the popup graphism may be improved

Yes, same here :) It's rather boring right now ...

> I imagined to start counting when the popup appears on the screen

It may be worth going back to that mechanism.

> I guess in most usages, never or default will be used.  and if not, it's more 
> like a hint  (long or short)

Yeah. The default should be the most common for "pure" notifications (ie 
that aren't really prompting the user to take an action)

> In my implementation, i let QT handle that.  it will autodetect if it's an 
> "html" string or not.
> that has the disaventage sometimes text which should be escaped is not.

Hmm. This is a good point. I had not considered escaping.

I think we want this to be as straightforward as possible. Is markup 
even necessary, for starters?

> about <a href="">,   what protocol do we accept?
> Common like http, ftp, mailto, ....  which open the default browser / mail 
> client /....
> I also thought about an action:/   which emits the invoked signal   (put 
> actions dirrectly in the message body)

Right, well, exactly. I suspect we should just leave this unspecified. 
If you want your software to be portable just stick to http:// and the 
like, ie the standard ones.

action:/  ...  I'm not so keen on the idea of having actions embedded in 
the text for the same reason that we don't see dialog boxes with buttons 
embedded in the text.

thanks -mike

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