Desktop Notifications Spec 0.3

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Thu Sep 16 12:00:21 EEST 2004

Le Jeudi 16 Septembre 2004 06:30, Christian Hammond a écrit :
> The specification is currently available at:
> We are hoping that applications will start experimentally using the
> specification so that real-world tests can be done.

This specification is still not acceptable for KDE on that form.

We have a problem:
You want to keep the server simple.
We want to keep the applications simple.

KDE has already KNotify, which do a lot of things, including passive popup 

I proposed to have another KDE deamon which handle *only* passives popup 
(implement your specifications).  and KNotify could call that deamon to show 
passives popup.

But the proposed specifications also ask for a sound, and some others hints. 
I want to add somewere a flag  silent which make sure the server will not play 
any sound.   on the same idea, a flag notify, which will make ther server 
play a default sound depending of the urgency.

KNotify want to let the application simple.  flags like urgency levels or 
notifications type will not be passed.
I specialy don't like the "Notification Type" which maybe should go in a hint 
if you want to keep it

Another small thing you will probaly think it's an implementation detail but 
seems importent to me.
When the user click on the message or on one buttons, do we need to close the 
notification ?  You may say that if i want this, i still may connect the 
Invoked signal to CloseNotification in the client.  But i think you should 
say that in the specificaiton.

And finaly, something which has nothing to do with that specification:
KDE uses DCop (at least until KDE4)
A D-Bus - DCop bridge is maybe possible, but dcop doesn't AFAIK support 
different types for one argument  (like app_icon which is "BYTE_ARRAY or 
STRING or NIL" or expire_time  "UINT32 or NIL"
So i'll have to implement it using DBus, even in KDE 3.4 ?

It seems to me than it is fully possible to make this spec something that KDE 
could implement.

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