Fwd: Re: tigert's mockups and HTML

Lars Hallberg spam at micropp.se
Wed Sep 22 14:08:44 EEST 2004

Alex Graveley wrote:

>Hi Christian,
>I strongly believe using XEMBED is the right solution here.  We should
>take a hint from the success of the system tray spec.  

Nativ suport some simple text, and XEMBED. That means only notifications 
needing fancy layout need the overhed. Out of memory notifications don't 
need to overload the machine (and in the case of resorce shortage 
loading anything heavy to show the notification is *realy* silly!).

A (cross desktop) standard config seting for asking (or demand) all apps 
to only send simple text notifikations might help low end systems.

But we do design fore the futer her to, Todays higend system don't realy 
have problem with a HTML rendering. Tomorrow anything less than a video 
notifikation might make the desktop look pale and outdated! XEMBED keeps 
the door to the futer open!

It also open the door for apps to provide ther own XEMBED clients, for 
autoscrolling to show allot of info - or whatever!

Style guidlines is another question, and mostly up to the different 
desktops. Might make alien apps look a bit alien, but they *are*, as 
long they *work* in the environment we shuld be happy enuff! And app 
that want can layout ther notificaton differntly for different desktops!


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