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Wed Sep 22 20:01:35 EEST 2004

Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 18 o'clock on Sep 22, Roland Mainz wrote:
> > It is not easy to get rid of COMPOUND_TEXT since many X11 specs have to
> > be rewritten/updated to do that. And backwards-compatibility to existing
> > (binary) applications is required, too.
> We don't have to eliminate it, but we should make sure the standards all
> have some way of using UTF8 instead and mark the COMPOUND_TEXT (and STRING)
> support as 'obsolete' so that application developers are encouraged to use
> the more modern methods.
> Adopting the EWMH as an standard might be a good place to start.

... or "enhanche" the ISO2022/COMPUND_TEXT spec (see my other email in
this thread) to include an escape-sequence which says: "UTF-8 starts
here..." :)
That may be a less aggressive approach to the problem...



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