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Wed Sep 22 23:45:24 EEST 2004

Keith Packard wrote:
> > ... or "enhanche" the ISO2022/COMPUND_TEXT spec (see my other email in
> > this thread) to include an escape-sequence which says: "UTF-8 starts
> > here..." :)
> > That may be a less aggressive approach to the problem...
> Adding UTF-8 support to COMPOUND-TEXT would be a relatively large job for
> applications as they could no longer count on mapping text segments to
> unique core fonts,

This functionality is already broken since the introduction of the
*-iso10646-1 encoding (that's one of the reasons why nons of the Unix
vendors like Sun etc. have adopted *-iso10646-1 yet) ... we already need
a "smarter" mechanism. The COMPOUND-TEXT vs. UTF-8 issue doesn't change



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