Desktop Notifications Spec 0.3

Franco Catrin fcatrin at
Thu Sep 30 05:22:55 EEST 2004

El mié, 29-09-2004 a las 12:39, Christian Hammond escribió:
> Agreed. Simple messages with a little bit of HTML markup (bold,
> italic, etc.) is probably going to be sufficient. I don't see a need
> for complex formatting with CSS and such, but if we ever need it,
> things can be extended.
> I'm waiting for Mike Hearn's feedback on the 0.4 draft, and then I'll
> post that. I'm very specifically saying how things like XEMBED and
> such will not be supported ;) Let's put an end to that stuff.

If anybody has read my comments about using XML on notifications, I
finnaly understood that there is no need to add complexity to get a good
visualization, so if somebody has some of that emails, they can be

As far as I can see from the current published spec (0.3), it provides
enought data [1] and clues [2] to make a reasonable presentation of

Transforming that data into XML/XSL/XHTML whatever should be handled by
the notification applet if it wants to.  The only restriction that I see
is that the current markup [3] SHOULD NOT be expanded to add any
color/layout on it

The spec at the current version is fine focusing on "what",
implementations will work with "how"

Franco Catrin L. TUXPAN

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