Proposal for a Desktop Neutral Crypto API

Lars Hallberg spam at
Sun Apr 3 18:01:45 EEST 2005

Nielsen wrote:

> I've drafted a proposal for a DBUS encryption API. It's meant to be 
> desktop neutral, and encryption system neutral (ie: OpenPGP vs. S/MIME).

I asume the sockets for XEmbed are optional? If not given, the 
implementation open it's own window? Think the standard shuld state that 
explicidly. As I understand, the calling program need not nesecarly even 
be an X-app?

I would like an implementation that have an alternative interface to 
provide user interaction thru an console. But the standard should 
probably not mandate it. But i like if the standard provided a way for 
apps runing on an tty to *sugest* to the server to use the tty for user 

I like the server aproch, it open for a posability to store the keys 
nonreadable and alterable by the user. Making things a bit harder for 
malicius code to do a set of evil things.

Also opens a possability for the 'system' to garanty some info conected 
to the keys are suplied by the user him/herself. Stuff like 'taggs', 
nicnames suplied by the user that is showen prominently in any 
comunication using that key, and possably some 'styling' - say a 
background style fore tolbars, statusline, etc that the user can set for 
a key. So it is obvius in the gui when the user is comunicating whith 
say 'the bank'. It's lika an fealing of 'being' in the bank. Make any 
atempt to fool the user look akvard, however clever done.

But that would mean all public crypto needing app You use *have* to use 
this api, but it is still a futur option to hope for :-)


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