Proposal for a Desktop Neutral Crypto API

Marc Mutz mutz at
Mon Apr 4 12:48:31 EEST 2005

On Friday 01 April 2005 22:55, Nielsen wrote:
> I've drafted a proposal for a DBUS encryption API. It's meant to be
> desktop neutral, and encryption system neutral (ie: OpenPGP vs. S/MIME).

What's wrong with gpgme, then?

It's encryption system neutral, desktop neutral, mt-safe, provides both sync 
and async interfaces (including integration into GTK and Qt event loops), is 
there for years, has turned 1.0 last year, is used in KMail, mutt, Sylpheed, 
Kleopatra, KAddressBook, and probably lots of other MUAs.

I've based gpgme++, qgpgme and libkleopatra onto it's API, so naturally, I 
don't want to see us wasting effort and bandwidth on something that already 

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