DConf configuration system

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Apr 7 00:55:50 EEST 2005

Chris Lee wrote:

> But what you guys have suggested doing, and have been trying to take 
> steps towards, is a damned good way to make FreeDesktop less useful for 
> everyone involved and specifically, in this instance, to piss off those 
> of us who work on KDE. You've completely ignored the fact that there are 
> several of us who are subscribed on this list, and you've insulted us 
> multiple times over, which I can only hope is because you didn't realize 
> that this is not Yet Another GNOME List.

Calm down.

I dont believe anyone here wanted to piss off any of the developers from 
any desktop.

My understanding was DConf was attempting to gather requirements for a 
cross desktop solution rather than bolting off and becoming a straight 
clone of GConf. I have not seen the requirements if any exist but the 
person in charge of it should be discussing these with the KDE and Gnome 
teams so that we can get a solution thats acceptable.

I personally dont care whether the solution is UniConf, DConf or some 
other bastardised GConf based system just so long as we have something 
usable and acceptable. The lack of synergy here between the big two DEs 
in a very important freedesktop project is very worrying indeed :(


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