DConf configuration system

Patrick Patterson ppatters at nit.ca
Thu Apr 7 19:00:06 EEST 2005

On April 7, 2005 11:02 am, Buola Buola wrote:
> Yes, the important thing is not if it exists, but if everyone knows
> that it exists and starts loving it. I would start using it today if I
> knew that it has a nice DBus interface which won't change next week,
> and that I will find it installed (or available to be installed) in
> the computers where my software might be installed.
> Does anyone know which distros include Uniconf (with DBus support) and
> the stability of the DBus API?
None at the moment - Debian has UniConf, but we haven't packaged up the DBus 
work yet. It would, however, be trivial - we just haven't gotten around to it 

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