An analysis about a generic desktop application configuration management system

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On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 20:32 +0200, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> Hi there,
> Me, Kristof Vansant and Frédéric Descamps created a small (and
> unfinished) analysis for a generic desktop application configuration
> management system which we'll call D-Conf (it's just a temporary name,
> perhaps the final name. We'll see).
> I kindly invite people who are interested and who perhaps have a
> specific knowledge in a topic that might be important for this
> project, to append and/or correct the information we are collecting
> during the analysis of it. I kindly invite people to join. It's the
> main reason why it has been created in a wiki-container. It's possible
> that this document will move to a more appropriate location. Thats why
> the wiki-title of the page mentions the fact that this is a temporary
> location. We'd like to have a more or less stable and clean document
> before officially publicising something.

Somebody added this section. I'm/we are very interested in the minimum
requirements of the different platforms, organisations and applications
who might adopt the proposed new system. Therefor I kindly invite people
(developers) to append requirements. 

Perhaps in the end it's not this project that will be one that will
create this generic desktop application configuration management system.
Perhaps it will be the one. Nevertheless will your requirements, after
putting it on that wiki, copyable and at least collected and written
down on a location rather than only flamed on a mailinglist. Or buried
in the wishlist-section of your head or project.

It's important that people know whats important. The less good
requirements which might get added will of course still be investigated.
If the conclusion is that the proposed requirement just isn't doable or
just isn't really a requirement, it can always be removed of course. So
it's wise to be descriptive when adding them.

I really hope the wiki puts and end to the endless long discussions on
the mailinglist. Lets start actually putting the ideas on a document.
And lets start investigating and analysing the concept rather than
arguing about it. Rather than getting ourselves pissed about words that
might have been miswritten or misinterpreted (which is typical for a
long discussion in a mailinglist -- often they end up being flame wars
in which no serious developer is interested --).

Lets start using our intelligence. 

Please note that a lot people on this list will attend for example
GUADEC. Perhaps we should get ourselves a table-and-a-room at that
meeting, and discuss the possibilities in person?

Philip Van Hoof, Software Developer @ Cronos
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