dvfs api and toolkits

Nate Nielsen nielsen-list at memberwebs.com
Sun Apr 10 02:24:59 EEST 2005

Sean Middleditch wrote:
> That isn't how D-VFS works.  I really am wondering where people keep
> getting that impression, it's the complete opposite of pretty much every
> example I've given so far.
> You can read the file incrementally *while* the cache is being made.
> Your app is given the stream of bytes as the download progresses, which
> it can process as it sees fit.

Yes, understood. The examples we're talking about (where seeking without
a massive delay is required) are about immediately seeking half way into
a large document (let's for our purposes say >100 MB) and starting to
read the file from there.

I listed a few examples in my other email to this list.


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