dvfs api and toolkits

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Apr 10 17:40:05 EEST 2005

Kevin Krammer wrote:

> Even users that make heavy use of KIO don't expect all protocols to work equal 
> across all operations, but they expect protocols they can also access on the 
> system level (for example file:///) to work at least as good as the system 
> level access method.

Agreed - all you need is a can_seek function in the API. Apps that need 
seeking can simply tell the user its not possible to run this remotely 
and  as someone else suggested optionally ask the user if they want to 
download it instead. There's no need to cripple file:/// by making the 
entire API functional for the lowest common denominator.

There is a danger if D-VFS becomes too ambitious that it might not see 
the light of day so we should aim to keep things KISS and thereby get 
something delivered so yes seek and lock emulation can wait or be punted.


> Cheers,
> Kevin
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