Some Icon Theme Spec fixes

Rodney Dawes dobey at
Sun Apr 10 20:23:50 EEST 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 05:30 +0200, tackat at wrote: 
> > Does everyone agree with the /icons/$themename ->
> > themes/$themename/icons change, and will all current implementators
> > change this? 
> I object. See my reply in the thread "Independence of widget/GTK and
> icon themes" for details.

And as I've already stated, I don't see how this is a valid technical
problem. Nothing will actually break. Especially with GTK+, assuming
the patch I've already written to do this, goes in (ie, assuming that
Alex agrees to put this in the spec). And it doesn't break ABI/API
within GTK+, so it could go into the stable tree as well. Basically, it
means upgrading the library that provides the implementation will make
any new themes work in older apps as well. If anyone has specific
examples of applications that will break, because they provide their
*own* icon theme implementations, please speak up and talk about those.
The problem is solved for GTK+/GNOME and QT/KDE applications, as the
implementation is provided in the toolkit (unless QT/KDE is broken, and
requires applications to do this, which I somehow doubt).

-- dobey

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