An analysis about a generic desktop application configuration management system

Maks Orlovich mo85 at
Tue Apr 12 16:10:43 EEST 2005

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 07:15 am, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> The main dependency is libICE, the rest is pulled in because of Qt. I
> believe Maks Orlovich wrote an implementation with its own ICE
> implementation. I am not sure if it is actually maintained or whether it
> has been released in some way though.

Well, it is not quite complete: it lacks the bits needed to support a 
dcopserver (basically, the server half of subprotocol and authenication 
negotiation in ICE protocol), and doesn't support everything in the API.  
Anyway, my hope is to eventually finish it, and to try to do an experimental 
port of the main dcop lib on a branch... I really do not like the blocking 
aspects of the libICE API -at all-, as they make the dcopserver relatively 
easy to lock up; and make backtraces involving DCOP harder to understand. 
Plus not messing with e.g. iceauth binary would be nice too[1]. And this 
isn't such a big deal to complete --- the existing stuff took me ~4 days, 

[1] Though that of course can be done by just porting the .ICEauthority code..

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