Which one has the bug?

Travis Watkins alleykat at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 17:10:03 EEST 2005


I have a script using PyXDG to do menu editting that works as
non-root. It does this by creating a user version of the root .desktop
file that has the same name. For example, if I want to change the
comment for gcalctool.desktop it will create a copy in
~/.locals/share/applications which PyXDG and gnome-menus will use
instead of the root one. However, if I put NoDisplay=true in the user
version PyXDG starts showing the root copy again while gnome-menus
doesn't show any version of it (what I wanted). Which one is doing it

A similar problem between these two: if I have a user version of
gcalctool.desktop and change it so it goes in GNOME's Games menu
(Categories=Application;Game;) PyXDG will only show the user version
in Games but gnome-menus will show the root copy in Accessories and
the user copy in Games. Even putting an <Exclude> in for Accessories
doesn't fix it, I think because it's trying to exclude the user
version but it isn't actually there. Once again, which one is doing
this wrong?

Travis Watkins

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