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Fri Apr 15 12:21:34 EEST 2005

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> This might create an immense provocation and/or discussions. I sincerely
> hope this will not happen.
> I propose that the organisation goes one step further in
> how it works.
> My proposal is to create a board:
> 	o. Each important desktop application and desktop environment
> 	   communities can deliver a certain amount of members to this
> 	   board. (which they can choose themselves)
> 	o. The desktop applications and desktop environment communities
> 	   need to understand that the decisions made by this board are
> 	   important to accomplish the concept of a usable free desktop.
> So a lot like how the GNOME foundation chooses it's board members and
> how the board works. With meetings etcetera. I'm sure KDE als has such a
> board and/or meetings and/or organisation (but I'm unaware how KDE works
> so I can't use it as an example -- which doesn't mean that it's an
> unusable example nor does it mean that I'm trying to say how good GNOME
> is because they have a board. This is not what I'm trying to say here).
> So to have such a board rather than an organisation that only wants to
> give certain services (like CVS and mailinglists) to desktop projects
> (not that this isn't needed and not that this activity should stop of
> course).
> And it shouldn't change the fact that everybody can play a role in the
> discussions (the mailinglists). The members of such a board, however,
> could pick the most interesting topics and the most interesting point of
> views and discuss them in meetings. I think that this will be more
> productive.
> Of course it's just a proposal. An opinion. Nothing serious. Please do
> not start fighting my opinion. The most ideal situation would be that
> this proposal will be just a proposal without a flamewar of fight.
> Understand that it's just an idea. I repeat: an opinion. Mine. Not the
> opinion of all people on this list.
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Why not push fd.o platform which seems to have disappeared into the dark?
Push a webpage which has the list of standard each platform/wm supports?
Make a commity that would be made of different community people and would
decide on fd.o complient standards
or even more revolutionary make a democratic board for fd.o deciding the
future and what actions can be taken to encorage desktop integrability.
Or something in the way Oasis works only for free desktop related topics.

But people keep telling me fd.o is just yet another sourceforge
and not an orginization that ment to do anything.

Maybe it's time to make a body that does.


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