Bringing to the next level

Adam Treat manyoso at
Fri Apr 15 17:35:26 EEST 2005

On Friday 15 April 2005 10:08 am, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-04-15 at 15:47 +0200, Lars Hallberg wrote:
> > Howewer, some formal metode for 'blessing' the standards that have
> > reached that strong position alredy would probably be good.
> Indeed. This is what I ment with my proposal. A formal method for
> blessing the standards that have reached a strong position already.

What the hell does anyone need any 'blessing' for if the standard is already 
in a 'strong position'!  I mean, how much more idiotic can we get here.  
Seriously, I'm asking??

How about we elect a fd.o pope.  We could have first have KDE/GNOME elect 
'cardinal's' to a council.  This council could then meet in secret and 
through the mysteries of divine software, elect a holy pope of fd.o.  My 
money is on Waldo.[1]  We could call him Pope John Paul Waldo the 23rd, 
Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Software.

Pope Waldo could then 'bless' the standards in a christening ceremony and we 
could all rejoice with the knowledge that only comes from being born again in 

Idiotic enough now?

[1]  Sorry Waldo :)

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