Yet another monthly platform email

Guillaume Desnoix guillaume at
Fri Apr 15 19:42:23 EEST 2005

Rodney Dawes wrote:
> I noticed that the Icon Theme spec is not listed in here. Shouldn't it
> be? We probably want to come to some consensus soon on the Icon Naming
> spec proposal and include it as well.

Yes it should but there is still a lot to be discussed. I'm personaly 
not fully satisfied with the current naming scheme.
Once every one agrees, there is also a need to provide a small tool to 
convert current themes (KDE,GNOME,OOo,etc) but this is the easiest part.

Additionaly, it may be interesting to recommand SVG and PNG for the 
formats and a way to raster SVG drawings (there is alpha and scale 
issues). The goal being to make it as easy as possible for the icon 
artist (just provide SVG files) and the desktop developper (generate the 
corresponding bitmaps in different scales and package the theme).

Regards, Guillaume

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