Bringing to the next level

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Fri Apr 15 19:47:39 EEST 2005

Adam Treat wrote:

> First, I didn't bring 'religion' into it.  Have you ever heard of the Church 
> of the Divine Software?  No?!  That's cuz it was a joke.  No religious wars 
> intended.  Sheesh.
> Second, how on earth can this thread be called a 'technical discussion'  The 
> mind boggles.
> Third, this thread is already a "master disaster" as should have been apparent 
> to anyone with a couple of neurons after reading the original instigators 
> repeated and nauseating prostrations that it'd:
> 1. cause "immense provocation"
> 2. that he damn well knew this
> 3. he was going to start it anyway
> 4. insisting that this is not what he wanted to happen
> _______________________________________________

Lads (and ladettes) can I just say one word - CEASEFIRE!

(IOW can we end this thread now - PLEASE?)



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