Update problem: lost WMs

Andy Pieters mailings at vlaamse-kern.com
Mon Apr 18 00:20:39 EEST 2005

Hi All

I have a station that's running Fedora Core 3 Heidelbergh and I compiled X 
from sources.

I was running the RedHat rpm prior to that so what I did was I compiled X, 
went to runlevel 3 then issued a apt-get remove X* followed by a make install 
on X

Next I issued the init 5 command and the new X loads.  It just sits there 
doing much of nothing and after a while it tells me that it cannot load a 
display manager (or was it window manager) and that I should change something 
in a script (which?).

Killing X from another console makes it respawn and shows me a login screen 
this time but logs me in into xcfe (or something like that.. forgot its 

I really would like to use KDE since I'm hooked on it!

I hope this question finds you in good mood and would like to take this 
oppurtunity to thank all of you guys for all that you have accomplished with 

With kind regards


ps: I am in withdrawl of KDE... the shakes have already started.

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