Bookmarks shared among desktop environments

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Mon Apr 18 21:39:16 EEST 2005

Philip Van Hoof wrote:

> For example: In what key will the proxy-settings for world wide web
> browsers be set? And how are we going to get Mozilla, Firefox,
> Konqueror, Galeon and Epiphany start using THAT key? (expand this to all
> shareable keys -- and there's a lot of them --).
> Its for this type of tasks that the freedesktop organisation should play
> a key-role. I would be very interested in a study/analysis about this
> problem and how it can be solved. Perhaps we should just start a list of
> such keys? I don't know (but we need a solution BEFORE D-Conf gets
> implemented).

We dont need a solution to this for Dconf at this point. However I 
suspect the keys will look something like :

Key						Value
org.freedesktop.bookmarks.web.1.displayname	Slashdot
org.freedesktop.bookmarks.web.2.displayname	Linux Today

org.freedesktop.bookmarks.folder.1.uri		/home/jamie/documents
org.freedesktop.bookmarks.folder.2.uri		/home/jamie/hacking


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