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Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Mon Apr 18 23:31:34 EEST 2005

Waldo Bastian wrote:
> On Monday 18 April 2005 20:39, Jamie McCracken wrote:
>>We dont need a solution to this for Dconf at this point. However I
>>suspect the keys will look something like :
>>Key						Value
>>org.freedesktop.bookmarks.web.1.displayname	Slashdot
>>org.freedesktop.bookmarks.web.2.displayname	Linux Today
>>org.freedesktop.bookmarks.folder.1.uri		/home/jamie/documents
>>org.freedesktop.bookmarks.folder.2.uri		/home/jamie/hacking
> That's something that bothers me about key based configuration systems... what 
> happens if I remove org.freedesktop.bookmarks.web.1 ? Do my bookmarks then 
> start at 2? Are 1 and 2 some sort of sequence numbers, or should they be seen 
> as unique identifiers? Should the config system have a function for "give me 
> a new id that isn't used yet" ? 

I agree it is sub optimal - a Db table would be better cause you can 
have an order column with a trigger in place to automatically keep the 
values in sync plus theres no need to split them up into seperate keys 
(ergo my desire to see structured data in DConf)

However in this context it is an ID. RDBMS use sequence generators to 
overcome this problem so you might have a key to store the next value in 
the sequence.

It might also be better to have the key value in csv format so you could 
have structured data in a single key:

EG for key :org.freedesktop.bookmarks.web
value: "","Slashdot","","Linux 


> Cheers,
> Waldo
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