Bookmarks shared among desktop environments

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Tue Apr 19 00:13:46 EEST 2005

Jakub Stachowski wrote:

>>Its nice to have notifications for bookmarks when they change (Nautilus
>>already does this - so all nautilus windows have up to date bookmarks).
> dnotify/inotify/fam + wrapper for your desktop environment (kdirwatcher for 
> kde, don't know what for gnome)

not a freedesktop compliant solution then? (its gnome-vfs btw for gnome).

Now what if you use neither gnome or kde?

>>Its also nice to have one api/system for all config/prefs which is the
>>raison d'etre of DConf.
> For now that whole DConf consists only of flames on xdg mailinglist. 

some are, other genuine responses.

Theres a wiki full of requirements (the design stuff in the wiki is 
wishy washy as nothing has been decided) and it looks promising.

>>A myriad of standards makes admin jobs more difficult.
> And as usual the solution is to invent Yet Another Standard.

No its to have one true standard - thats the ultimate goal of any 
freedesktop project. If it succeeds then all these silly little dot 
files and chunks of xml can and should disappear (hopefully).


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