Bookmarks shared among desktop environments

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at
Tue Apr 19 00:35:53 EEST 2005

Brad Hards wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Apr 2005 06:40 am, Jamie McCracken wrote:
>>Its nice to have notifications for bookmarks when they change (Nautilus
>>already does this - so all nautilus windows have up to date bookmarks).
> As Jakub pointed out, there are already a lot of tools to monitor changes, and 
> I'd be amazed if Nautilus wasn't already using at least one of them. However 
> I'd be surprised if it was the same one that KDE used. Why make both of them 
> use another mechanism just for bookmarks?

Well its no different from changing formats which you are proposing.

The benefits of DConf (if and when it exists) might or should include 
the following:

1) notifications
2) network transparency (think LDAP and all its benefits)
3) one gui tool to do all admin for a desktop
4) one set of CLI tools to do all admin for a desktop
5) one API to read/write all config options for a desktop
6) Ability to do defaults and group settings and stackable lock down

>>Its also nice to have one api/system for all config/prefs which is the
>>raison d'etre of DConf. A myriad of standards makes admin jobs more
> I think that part of the problem is that you consider bookmark management to 
> be an admin job. I think it is a user job.

its both. An enterprise may well want bookmarks preconfigured to certain 
sites/intranet. Then think of the beauty of LDAP where all your settings 
are accessible regardless of where you are or if your logged on to a 
different machine. DConf it is succeeds should make peoples a lot easier 
thats what gets me excited about it.


> Brad

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