Standardising data sharing (GHNS)

Josef Spillner spillner at
Fri Apr 29 18:44:15 EEST 2005


I'd like to found a new project dedicated to data sharing between users of 
various desktops.

One existing framework is GHNS, as implemented for KDE and SDL.
The other such occurrence is the graphical frontend to, which is 
not 100% the same and currently restricted to wallpapers, but we've figured 
out that it would be worth to discuss the convergence rather than bang our 
heads on the issue.

What we'd need right now is a mailing list. The work is intended to result in 
a common specification which includes the XML format for the data entries as 
well as a registry of possible values for some of the tags, including 
licenses, data types (often related to mimetypes but not the same), data 
integration and validation methods and the like.

The preferred name list/project name would be 'ghns' as this is how the 
concept is named already.


P.S. Some related URLs for the lesser informed:

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