xdg Digest, Vol 21, Issue 6

srinivasa bp nanuseena at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 07:13:00 EET 2005

Hi all I am thinking about developing a desktop environment for linux[  For personal interest  Dont ask why one more etc etc !!!]
  Can anyone suggest how can i start !!! i Know Qt and want to know how to start . What are the other Api's which i need to learn.
  How to go about it 
  Eg. If i drag and drop a file i am thinking of callling a 
  >>> cp "source" "destination"
  in terminal .
  But for increasing volume i dont know how to do so in command line
  Is there any Api for doing all these thingS ... Plese help me Geeks!!!
  I need it badly !!!
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