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Joe Baker joebaker at
Tue Dec 13 20:08:07 EET 2005

In the quest for Open Standards it is important for businesses to know
which communication standards are available between companies.

For instance if I want to know if a customer or vendor of our company
can accept files of the type "Open Document Text (.odt)" I should be
able to find out from their web site by bringing up a page such as

I want to foster the development of standards which would define the web
page's file structure, file name, types of documents and protocols

I could see this being a time saving venture which would allow IT
departments to save allot of time in the future and allow the world to
more quickly embrace  new technologies and to run queries of trading
partners to see where common denominators and highest primes exist.

Technologies I'd like to know about trading partners:

    PGP encryption keys
    OpenOffice2 support
    PDF Readers
    Linux Experience
    iCal  Calendaring URLs
    MS Office 97
    Autocad 97
    Autocad 2000
    Autocad 2004
    OpenDWG (Open Design Alliance)

If anybody is in a position to run with this idea, please feel free to
do so.  I just want to see a way of finding where areas of willingness
for advancement exist.
Thanks for your time!

Joe Baker
Network Administrator
NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.
Makers of Outstanding Crystal Oscillators

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