"ShapeInput" support problem

Bas Mevissen sgm at basmevissen.nl
Thu Feb 10 03:08:22 EET 2005


It is my first post here, so a short intro. I'm using some parts of
freedesktop files for an openembedded.org enviroment.

Today (actually 2005-02-09), I noticed that a number of changes in the
Xext module from cvs broke my build.

Looking into it, I found that the symbol ShapeInput was introduced (by
Keith Packard). Looking a bit deeper, I found that the symbol ShapeClip
was defined in the xextensions-1.0.1.tar.bz2 package file shape.h.

I cannot find a newer version of this package. Did I miss something?


Bas Mevissen <sgm at basmevissen.nl>

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