XWin and remote access questions.

Conley, Bryon G bryon.g.conley at intel.com
Thu Feb 10 19:13:13 EET 2005

I just discovered the nifty Cygwin/X and am currently using it to remote
login to a linuxserver.
In following your 'cheatsheet' on setting up desktops using XWin (and
I ran into some barriers while following the instruction for remote
Here's what I'm trying to do. I have a wireless laptop with Cygwin/X
loaded and seems to work which I downloaded from the Cygwin page around
Feb 6 2005.
1. I launched XWin :0.0 -clipboard (I get a gray background screen with
the 'X' as the cursor.
2. I don't see any menus xterms etc on this window to run the ssh -f -Y
command.  Why not?
My second attempt used the alternate procedure:
1. Copy the .xinitrc file over to my home directory.  The default
command at the
    end of this file is an 'exec xterm <blah blah...>
2. I typed 'startx'. The XWin server is up and I got an Xterm.
     (Q: the font size on this xterm is extremely small-- possibly font
size 3. How do I
     change this?)
3. I typed the ssh using the -f -Y root at linuxserver gnome-session
4. I am prompted for password and entered it.
5. The login goes through, then complains that it could not find
commands such
    as xrdb xsethost and others and quits, logs out and puts me back on
   local machine.
    Debug steps I took:  I checked both machines (local and linuxserver)
     1. which xsetroot, xrdb  and found all these commands are present.
Nothing missing!
     2.  Instead of doing the -f and the command (gnome-session)  I just
did the
          ssh -Y root at linuxserver .  
    3. I got through, then typed gnome-session after I got a prompt.  I
then got my desktop...
        BUT..  every window has the Microsoft Window border.  So my
desktop has the MS border,
        and each other application did too like the gnome panel, xterms,
and my applications
        each got their own MS border... And consequently have their
icons at the 
        MS task bar tray as a running application.
        Q:  How do I get this to work such that all the applications I
run inside the remote desktop
             does NOT have these MS border windows.
So how do I reconcile these issues?
Thank for your time in advance.
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