unable to download standards from www.freedesktop.org

( Marc A. Lehmann ) pcg at goof.com
Fri Feb 18 18:22:15 EET 2005


I am trying to find a copy of the XEmbed draft, and found that it's home
is here:


Unfortunately, there is no download url provided. I *guess* that something is
broken, as the page says:


       * Version 0.5 - [[%ATTACHURL%/xembed-spec-0.5.html][html (one page)]]
         - [[%ATTACHURL%/0.5/][html (multiple pages)]] -

Which was probably meant to provide a URL, but doesn't.

A while (some months) ago, I tried to find the clipboard manager spec which also
isn't downloadable (but I didn't report it back then).

The same seems to be true for many other standard documents: many, but not
all, of them are not downloadable.

I thought I'd better report this, as people seemingly aren't aware of it :)

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