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Mon Feb 28 18:59:00 EET 2005

Hi there,

Wouldn't it be useful if the freedesktop organisation defined a standard
on library-functioncall namespacing?

For example. GLib used "g_", Gtk+ uses "gtk_". In object oriented
languages that becomes, of course, "Glib" and "Gtk". Qt uses "Q". KDE
uses "K". Dbus uses "dbus_". 

Gtk.Button b = new Gtk.Button ();

But what if the freedesktop organisation decides to choose for example a
common library for vfs or for configuration. 

You can't use something with "g" because then the KDE people will bite
you, hate you, demolish your car and throw bricks and stones through
your windows. And worse of all, won't use your stuff. And you can't use
"Q" or "K" or the GNOME people will do all that.

So what to use then? "fdo"? "f"? 

ps. I know it's a stupid issue and I know most developers just don't
care. I'm not trying to make a point about namespacing or whatever. I'm
Just trying to say: there isn't one for technologies and libraries that
aren't bound (nor trying to) to a specific desktop-platform.

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