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Mon Feb 28 20:01:05 EET 2005

On Monday 28 February 2005 17:59, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
> Hi there,
> Wouldn't it be useful if the freedesktop organisation defined a standard
> on library-functioncall namespacing?
> For example. GLib used "g_", Gtk+ uses "gtk_". In object oriented
> languages that becomes, of course, "Glib" and "Gtk". Qt uses "Q". KDE
> uses "K". Dbus uses "dbus_".
> Gtk.Button b = new Gtk.Button ();
> But what if the freedesktop organisation decides to choose for example a
> common library for vfs or for configuration.
> You can't use something with "g" because then the KDE people will bite
> you, hate you, demolish your car and throw bricks and stones through
> your windows. And worse of all, won't use your stuff. And you can't use
> "Q" or "K" or the GNOME people will do all that.

And what really pisses me off are kernel developers who for some reason think 
they have a right too to use names that start with a k ;-)

> So what to use then? "fdo"? "f"?

The base dir spec uses "XDG" as prefix for environment variables and defines 
dirs like /etc/xdg so I would personally recommend to use "xdg_"

And you write "xdg" but you pronounce it like "cross desktop group" ;-) [1]

[1] Revisionist history in action
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