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Sun Jan 2 02:18:44 EET 2005

On Sat, 2005-01-01 at 15:30 +0100, Lubos Lunak wrote:

>  Which again makes me wonder what exactly you'd like to fix and how. I 
> personally find your list of problems and your proposal too vague.

I've been unhappy about the fact that applications need to use X to do a
simple transfer of data (the data used for the clipboard). And about the
fact that when an application owning the clipboard is about to die,
tricks need to be done to persist it.

Using the new xfixes extensions, those things I've always wanted to do
with clipboards, are now possible. So it's mainly those two issues.

Other less important issues I have are the fact that this PRIMARY and
CLIPBOARD stuff is nothing but confusing for ordinary users. My opinion
is that there shouldn't be two (three, with SECONDARY) separated

An issue's I can't fix is the fact that there isn't really a standard
for the MIME-types that could be supported by your application. And the
fact that a lot applications can't copy/paste to each other.

> > I've e-mailed with the author of Klipper (Aaron Seigo).

>  This must be a misunderstanding. I doubt Aaron Seigo has even touched 
> internals of Klipper, let alone being its author. The original author of 
> Klipper is Andrew Stanley-Jones, Carsten Pfeiffer used to be the maintainer 
> until recently, and Esben Mose Hansen is the current maintainer 

Funny. Somebody informed me that I should tell this person about my
plans (To be more specific, because he had been working on Klipper).
Which I did. I've indeed never really read it's sources or getting
myself informed about the (current) Klipper authors.

Well, okay.. (for me, it's not very important who wrote it -- I don't
use it --)

> ( - 
> search for 'createAboutData'). I'm actually not sure how much these people 
> know about the underlying X details, because they're shielded by the 
> high-level QClipboard API. The person fixing the underlying X details usually 
> happens to be me.

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