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Charles Honton chonton at xteric.com
Mon Jan 3 04:15:23 EET 2005

I have updated pages under http://freedesktop.org/Standards to link to 
documents available at http://standards.freedesktop.org for the 
following specifications:

    * basedir-spec
    * desktop-entry-spec
    * menu-spec
    * recent-file-spec
    * shared-mime-info-spec
    * startup-notification-spec
    * wm-spec

The following specifications are mentioned in 
http://freedesktop.org/Standards (or sub-page) and do not have any 
corresponding documents at standards.freedesktop.org or cvs.freedesktop.org:

    * clipboard-manager-spec
    * clipboards-extension-spec
    * clipboards-spec
    * colorscheme-spec
    * cursor-spec
    * file-uri-spec
    * icon-theme-spec
    * thumbnail-spec
    * trash-spec
    * XDND
    * XDS
    * xembed-spec
    * xsettings-spec

Does anyone have further information about any of these specs?  Are they 
dead?  Do they have "sponsers"?  Where might I find archive copies? 

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