Emoticons theme specification

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at tiscalinet.be
Mon Jan 10 17:58:45 EET 2005

Le Dimanche 9 Janvier 2005 20:05, Owen Taylor a écrit :

>  - Does it really make sense to have emoticon themes separate from icon
>    themes? While I can imagine it being neat to be able to trade just
>    an emoticon theme, my expectation would be that the emoticons
>    would just follow the general appearance of my desktop.

c.f. the other thread, i think emoticon theme is also something that can be 

>  - MNG? icon themes don't support MNG ... and GNOME doesn't support MNG.
>    MNG could probably be added to the icon theme spec
>    in a similar way to SVG. Do current emoticon themes use MNG?
>    Would APNG be a better choice? GNOME doesn't support APNG either
>    but it would be a lot more trivial to add.)

Ok, MNG was for animations, and  we could use gif anyway.

>  - Should the spec support SVG? Both GNOME and KDE support SVG icon
>    themes, and it seems that people might want scalable emoticons.

 SVG is probably a good idea. i don't know if khtml support it fine thought.

>  - What about size handling? Do you have to create a separate theme
>    for each size? What about scalable emoticon themes?

i'll take care.

>  - We seem to be using .ini-style files more than XML files for theme
>    information. Can the emoticon theme information be wedge into
>    an .ini file in some natural way? If XML is the right format
>    (and we are using it in xdgmime), then I suspect GNOME people would
>    appreciate if the specification limited XML to the GMarkup subset:

the XML format is simple.

>  - I'm not sure a hidden .directory file is the best way to handling
>    theme naming. Right now we do naming with
>    /usr/share/themes/index.theme /usr/share/icons/index.theme ... if
>    you used one of those two directories, then you could just piggyback
>    off of that. If not, then I think an index.theme file would be
>    better.


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