Proposal and RFC: DAL, the Desktop Abstraction Layer

Ikke eikke at
Fri Jan 14 16:51:38 EET 2005

> Yeah, I've seen it.  As a note, "DAL" is pointless - we already have a
> project whose goal is to specify cross-desktop standards.  It's called
>  ;-)

It's my intention to get the specs hosted on fdo, and if possible the
client lib too. I have no idea how to get access to the wiki though, or
how to request a new project...
At the moment I'm writing an initial overview of what DAL (working
title) should provide, and trying to figure out what interface a certain
service should implement (currently as a proof of concept still working
on the screensaver<->IM app thing).
It'd be nice if I could get some wiki space to ease the process of
making these things public :-)

Regards, Ikke

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